Scenario Planning
Strategic Planinng
Change Management


Balanced Scorecard
Systems integration


Organizational culture
Organizational structure
Employee surveys
360 Feedback
Group dynamics
Management training
Executive coaching


Six Sigma
Total Quality Management
Project Management
ISO 9000

Consensus Builder is a strategic planning and change management tool

Allows people, organized into small groups, to give their opinion, and see others in their group

Allows criteria rating, and provides summary graphs of group opinions in real time.

Clarifies where people agree and disagree in graphical form to encourage consensus building

A customizable, structured process that ends with a task plan, importable into Microsoft Project

Shares documents, creates discussion groups and creates a wiki-like knowledge base

Uses Microsoft Sharepoint without you having it installed

Uses the strategic planning and change management process of Organized Change Consultancy

Is a human-led, strategy and change management software tool that moves you from general strategies to specific actions

Can be used in strategy and change management workshops to learn strategy and change management concepts