How Teambuilding Improves Productivity


You would think it would be obvious: Improving how people work together improves productivity. How strange it may sound, there is little well-thought research supporting this. There are many studies showing how teambuilding improves satisfaction, group dynamics and perceptions of productivity. There are a few studies showing some relationship, but they are often anecdotal and have poor research designs.
We went to find out with one of our clients.

The nature of the client

Our client was a division of a Fortune 500 aerospace company that made large components for rockets, with a high need for quality and precision.

The teambuilding process

Teambuilding is often an ambiguous term. It often means getting people together in a fun activity so they better get to know one another. Although this is nice, it often be more of a company-paid vacation.

The process we use is problem/goal focused approach, that is based on an up-front assessment, feedback and problem solving with the client, with a facilitated action plan resulting from the process.

The process has three stages: data gathering (D), feedback and brainstorming (FB), and action(A), where what agreed-upon group solutions are implemented.

Using our Organized Change Survey System (OCSS), our method and software for creating customized surveys, we gave an anonymous survey to members of the group. The results are below.