Human Resources Courses

Essentials of Human Resources Management

The ability to attract and retain talent in an increasingly competitive global environment is the difference successful managers and those plagued with ‘people problems’. Effective leaders devote the attention and energy needed to the development of this most important asset.

Succession Planning

Ensuring you have the talent for the future challenges of your function is the most important sustaining advantage for which you must plan. Today’s junior employees are tomorrow’s seasoned leadership.

Managing the Training Function

The life cycle of products and services and the conditions that precipitated them grows shorter everyday. Training has become one of the most critical tools and assistance to your employee's ability to cope with those changes. As a result, the training function has become as critical to production and servicing as Manufacturing, Purchasing or Accounts Receivable. At best unnecessary training just wastes time. At worse, it can make performance worse. Even appropriate training is expensive and must be effective.

Training Course Design

Training courses can use a bewildering variety of techniques, media and tools. The proper selection from among them can drastically increase the probability of training success.

Training Course Development

Course development is the payoff to the design and needs analysis steps. Skillfully executed, it can result in an invigorating, fun and informative experience for each and every attendee. This course teaches effective curriculum and course development.

Essentials of Training Evaluation

Training is a performance behavior. Therefore it can and should be measured for performance effectiveness frequently. This seminar teaches the essentials of evaluating training to improve its effectiveness.

Measuring the Return on Training

Any activity that consumes the limited resources of a business enterprise must consistently and persuasively prove its worth. There is no exception for training. Training that cannot be measured cannot be trusted. This seminar will teach the essentials of calculating the return on training necessary for businesses to use it effectively.

Training Course Delivery:

The best training analysis and development can be tremendously enhanced by vigorous, persuasive and supportive training delivery. It is the final ingredient to a successful training effort. This seminar will teach the essentials of creating a supportive training environment and enthusiastic learners in the classroom