Management & Supervision Courses

New or Prospective Manager

Assuming management responsibilities is a quantum change in responsibilities. The productivity and effectiveness of others vs. just personal effectiveness becomes paramount in importance. Mastery of technical skills is replaced in value by the ability to support others in applying the technical skills they already possess and grow them as fast and as well as they can.

Coaching and Counseling

Commercial productivity is the single largest contributor to Quality of Life. Your ability to grow people to perform more, better and faster is your most valuable contribution to your companies. Technology, capital, and machinery can be found anywhere on earth that the opportunity presents itself. The one thing that can’t be duplicated is the superior performance of a particular workforce.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

This hands-on workshop introduces the critical tools needed for effective problem solving. This sixteen-hour course gives teams the courage to confront problems, builds commitment to take action, and above all, the knowledge and skills to creatively and systematically prevent errors in the workplace. Participants learn innovative techniques for maximizing their creative and critical thinking potential throughout the six-step problem solving process using seven powerful tools.

Resolving Conflict

Significant business decisions, whether strategic or operational must be influenced by an understanding of a variety of financial considerations. Nuances of business finance that were previously the sole province of financial officers must now be at the fingertips of operations management.

Managing Performance

Organizations that do not have plans to succeed are planning to fail. All elements of a unit need to be continually optimized to support the performance needs of its employees. Reasonable ongoing efforts can dramatically improve the unit's ability to perform.

Effective Project Management

The rate of change in business conditions is accelerating exponentially. The ability to adapt, change or even reinvent your business is critically important to meeting the challenges of the competitive marketplace. These changes are usually organized as a project with limited resources and time to be successful. However limited, the resources needed for successful project completions require the highest levels of planning and execution. Project Management is the process of planning and managing tasks and resources, and communicating progress and results.

Teams and Team Building

Moving from the traditional management structure to teams can create stress and confusion for team members. The success of your teams is directly linked to the team building skills of your team members the direction they get from leadership. The good news is that every team can turn stress into focused energy by taking an organized approach toward building a strong team. This course provides team leaders with a set of structured activities and strategies that enables them to more effectively and efficiently accomplish their team's goals and objectives.

Time Management

Effective Time Management is an exercise in self-discipline and you are the key to its success. This course contains case studies, questionnaires and exercises designed to help you master the skills of time management. If you use the principles and techniques in this course, you will manage your time with less stress and accomplish more.

Communicating Effectively

Poor communication is costly. It increases stress and decreases productivity and cooperation. For organizations looking to constantly improve their productivity, effective communication skills are a must for everyone.

Effective Negotiation

Successful negotiating maximizes the benefits to both buyers and sellers. Special emphasis is given to planning for and changing contracts, and dealing with negotiation professionals.

Facilitating Effective Meetings

Time is money. Unfortunately, meetings consume a significant portion of both and often yielding small returns. Learn how to get the most out of each meeting with efficiency-driven techniques for planning, preparing, actively participating and leading successful team interactions.