Senior Management & Organizational Change

The Architecture of Change: effective change without the buzzwords

Management often has a confusing array of techniques, terms, buzzwords and solutions to address today's management problems. This seminar will pierce through this fog of confusion by helping participants decide what decisions they should make before change is made, what techniques are used when, and how to properly evaluate the success of your efforts.

Leadership Skills

This course for supervisors and managers who not only wish to improve employee performance, but create ways to encourage people to always fulfill the mission of the organization. In addition to focusing on one-on-one interactions in motivating people, this course also addresses the three other parts of leadership: creating a mission, creating systems and managing processes.

Strategic Planning in an Uncertain World: preparing and developing your organization

Organizations today have developed "mission statements" and declarations of values as part of their strategic plan. However, management often implicitly believes that the future will be like the past. Caught unprepared when major changes happen in their markets, customers and employees, they often must scramble for the right decision. They also realize that many of the decisions they should have taken years ago. This seminar will help organizations prepare for an unknown future, and help senior management understand the kind of "systems changes" necessary to make their organizations effective, productive, and aligned with their strategic plan.

Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management

Measuring an organization's performance just by looking at "the financials" is said to be the same as a pilot guiding a plane just by its speed. The Balanced Scorecard assists organizations to obtain a more balanced perspective between the financial, customer, efficiency and human resources aspects of the company. This seminar will help organizations learn how to develop such measures, integrate them into a whole that is tied both to its strategy and the actions needed to accomplish it.

Implementing Total Quality and Business Improvement

We all know how important it is to deliver a product or service that our customer needs while creating as efficiently as possible. How then do we implement the goals, processes and methods to accomplish this? This seminar will provide an overview of Total Quality Management, the tools and methods needed to make it succeed and an overview of its implementation, going beyond the "we just train everybody in quality & problem solving" method of implementation.

Benchmarking for World-Class Performance

Thinking our organization is at its best is no substitute for knowing. Benchmarking compares your organization to the world-class leaders in the processes your organization is trying to improve. This seminar will provide the tools, methods and measurements necessary for your organization to develop its own benchmarks in its quest for continual improvement

Building Cross-functional Teamwork

Improving one team's effectiveness is hard enough, but the challenges of improving teamwork across the whole organization requires different perspectives, systems and leadership style. This seminar will provide the tools, systems and perspective necessary to improve the teamwork across functions and departments that most often conflict with one another.

Body Language, Proxemics, Culture and Communication

When dealing with people, whether they are co-workers or clients from a different culture, words are not enough to obtain full understanding. Body language, proxemics(distance and positioning) and knowledge of cultural differences are vital. This course will cover these subjects and provide attendees with the knowledge to be successful in dealing with the "non-verbals" of communicating internationally.