Strategic Planning and Organizational Change Management

Organized Change was instrumental in helping Wavecom (a French-based telecommunication company) identify and solve internal tensions hindering organizational growth. In a few weeks, Organized Change brought solutions to bring clarity.

Strategy and Change model of Organized Change

Integrating Training and Change

Overview of Strategic Planning, part 1:

Overview of Strategic Planning, part 2:

Strategy and Change Management                                                            

Survival Scenarios and Strategies in the Corona era for GPMA

Strategic planning is less about future decisions than it is about the future impact and consequences of today's decisions. Strategic planning examines the necessities of today and tomorrow in light of an organization's goals and capabilities. It lets organizations update their goals and identify new capabilities that they need to have onboard, tying strategic goals to a strategic management plan. At Organized Change, our strategic planning consultants have worked with organizations in a variety of countries and industries and with a great diversity of cultural styles. When producing or updating strategic plans, we make sure that our clients get a plan that's both decision-oriented and action-oriented. A good strategic plan is, after all, one of the most important things to expect from your management consulting investment. It is what drives organizational change. Good strategic planning workshops can ignite your organization with a new vision of your mission. They can help your organization excel in that imagined future, no matter how different it may be from the past.
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For a fuller description of our model for strategic planning, please also see our book.

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