Employee Surveys

We have had a very positive experience working with Organized Change. They designed a survey for one of our global teams to help design an organizational change and develop scenarios for our strategies. Organized Change is a dependable collaborator who can be relied upon to help us meet our goals.

They can be called an ‘employee satisfaction survey’, ‘employee engagement survey’ or a variety of other names.

Regardless of the name, managers periodically "take the pulse" of their employees through some version of an employee survey. But employees are constantly talking about where they work and who they work with and work for. So it's a great investment to ask your employees regularly what's on their minds using employee surveys. Links to our articles on surveys, assessments and measurement are below.

Employee surveys can help:

Diagnose issues and overall organizational climate

Anticipate potential problems

Assess teamwork and management style problems

Measure the effects of organizational change

Employee surveys often accompany specific initiatives; strategic planning, TQM, a move to teams, the balanced scorecard and the like. Since each can send different ripples through an organization, it takes savvy to create effective employee survey questions and to administer an employee survey that assures management of actionable recommendations. An employee satisfaction survey, for example, might focus on specific aspects of a person's job, an opinion or attitude survey might ask more general questions.

At Organized Change, you'll find our experience in employee survey design and survey administration will help you move through this minefield with ease. Let us guide you in creating valid and reliable employee survey questions.

Having our experience on your side means your management team really hears what's on employees' minds - the good and the critical - so the organization can put criticism to constructive use.
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